Steve Hayes admits that he and 4:00 am in the morning have become fast friends. As Steve puts it "I love getting up each morning and having a little piece of the world to myself. The quiet time of getting prepared to hit the air at 5:10 am is my own little private sanctuary before I turn the day and all of it's happenings over to our listeners." He also points out that " Each day is uniquely and completely different from any other. That's what makes this job so fun. You never know what adventure may unfold on any given day. It keeps things interesting."

Steve began his career at the age of 15 in Portsmouth Ohio working for WIOI radio while attending high school and college. He left Portsmouth Ohio in 1973 to do the night shift at WKEE FM in Huntington, West Virginia. and began a full time radio journey that kept the airways entertained and busy. With several stops to Huntington, Steve Hayes worked at stations in Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Houston, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Lexington. In 1985 it was a call from then station owner Ralph Hacker that sent Steve packing to become the Program Director of the University of Kentucky Flagship WVLK-AM in Lexington Kentucky. "My very first week on the job was the week before Georgetown played Villinova for the NCAA Championship at Rupp Arena. "It was a great test" he remembered, "If I can survive this, I can survive anything!"

In 1991 Steve took the helm of Station Manager for Hometown Radio's Danville Kentucky stations WRNZ-FM, and WHIR AM/FM. Steve left the company for a two year stint in 1997 to back to work for long time friend Ralph Hacker assisting him with multiple station acquisitions in Lexington, Kentucky. It was during this period that Hometown Radio bought WNXT AM/FM in Portsmouth Ohio. In 1999, Steve rejoined his long time friends Rob Scheibly and Rick Mayne with a vision to help bring local fun and entertainment back to Portsmouth radio.

According to Steve "It was the best scenario there could ever be for coming home returning to good friends and a great radio company. In all my years of working in this business, the management and owners of Hometown Radio are the absolute best at understanding local radio's importance in the community"

Besides being heard in the mornings from 5-10am on Mix 99.3, Steve loves to write. His weekly column "The Flip Side" appears in the Community Common, and RiverCities Ezine. He's the author of one book about radio in a small town called "The Skunk Country Chronicles". Three more books are underway including a movie treatment that is scheduled for completion later this year.