Please Pay Attention to the
Man Behind the Curtain!

As a radio professional since the age of 15, Steve Hayes has dedicated this web sight to all who how have experienced, and still continue to feel, the magic of the medium that is still so personally unique….. Why local radio?

It is still the only immediate gathering spot for immediacy when it comes to pure local events such as area sports and news.

Advertising or public service announcements can still be announced as quickly as a phone call to the station.

The internet now gives local radio World wide supremacy!  Hey Ithica, everyone here in Perth says "Yo!"

Your local radio stations create an audio signature and impression that is provincially unique to the locale in which you live.

Most important, the key programming elements are all performed "LIVE." No other segment of our modern media society can boast daily shows that require continuous or on sight performance. Sorry TV news, but you don't count. What we're talking about is everything from finding lost pets to honoring the passing of your loved ones. All local radio personalities are undeniably America's last bastion of pure broadcasting honesty. Think about it, we don't even try and hide the mistakes because what you hear… is what you get!

Steve Hayes Media is an interactive web sight that will give you profiles, links, and personal involvement to the electronic network of radio friends that we hope will give you a prime window seat to the local front porch of our global village. To all of you out there in the local radio trenches… we salute you!